Monday, February 28, 2011

New Four Tet - "Pinnacles" / New Daphni - "Ye Ye"

Brand new song from Four Tet, whose album There Is Love In You made my list of favorites of 2010 and whose two live performances in Chicago last year were some of the best I've ever seen.  "Pinnacles" is classic Four Tet - radically simple bits of melodic sound repeating to meditative effect.  In this case, it's a chugging bass line, Asian-sounding string plucks, cascades of house piano and staccato synth washes.  From an upcoming split on Four Tet's own TEXT Records; the other side features Daphni's "Ye Ye."

Pinnacles by Four Tet

EDIT: Thanks to Solar Bears on Twitter, who pointed me to Self-Titled, who provide more information on this Four Tet/Daphni split.  Daphni, it turns out, is a new moniker for Caribou's Dan Snaith.  Caribou also made my list of albums of 2010, and his performance at Millennium Park last year was simply spectacular.  Daphni's contribution to the split, "Ye Ye," is a banger that shuffles and throbs along, making this one of the hottest splits to drop this year.  TEXT Records' web presence is non-existent, but the release should be out soon - I'd recommend checking Boomkat, and Rough Trade on a regular basis, as this will likely sell out quick.

Daphni - Ye Ye by Caribouband


Saturday, February 26, 2011

RxRy - Alpha + guest mixtape

Over the weekend, Casket Crash Vigil favorite RxRy made his Alpha "microLP/megaEP" available for download at his blog.  (UPDATE: On Monday afternoon, the download was taken down, as Alpha is now due for release on vinyl this May!)  As the artist described in an interview with GIMME TINNITUS, Alpha is "comprised of samples taken from an AM radio and manipulated via midi sequencing."  Having had the chance to hear Alpha, I can say that the resulting sounds are the most sonically saturated we've heard from RxRy.  They are also quite possibly his best work to date.  If the sound-canceling properties of outer space somehow enabled the transmission of noise from producer to consumer, this is doubtless what we'd hear as spaceships stretched into star-bending warp speed. I have a feeling, though, that the artist himself hears these sounds as more earthly than extraterrestrial.  In keeping with Mother Earth, then, these are the sounds of a future in which the biological and technological have become one and the same.  Witness the cybernetic crickets on "L.2_Evaporated" for an example.  Stream that and "A2.2_Phase" below; stay tuned for news on Alpha's vinyl release.

RxRy - L.2_Evaporated
RxRy - A2.2_Phase

In the meantime, RxRy was kind enough to make a guest mix for me.  I asked him around 12:40 PM on Saturday; it was in my inbox before 10:00 PM that night.  Featuring Aphex Twin, Atlas Sound, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Tim Hecker and others, it was inspired by "the subtle shift in light between 3:32pm and 5.58pm."  Listen/download below.

RxRy's The Subtle Shift In Light Between 3.32pm and 5.58pm Mixtape

Artwork/tracklist after the jump:

Friday, February 25, 2011

From Christchurch's quake, Mount Pleasant's music

Tuesday's earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, was another tragic example of what can happen when earthly forces and human populations intersect with random chance.  Scores were killed and many more remain missing.  And yet, even in the midst of Christchurch's sadness and suffering, some positives can be found.  Hundreds of aid workers and eventually millions of dollars will flow to the area to help those in need and assist with rebuilding.  On a personal level, it's how I found out about Mount Pleasant's music.

Curious about Christchurch, I went to bandcamp and browsed the most recent music tagged with "Christchurch."  I was impressed by a lot of what I heard, but I was most struck by Mount Pleasant, a self-described glamour/pop artist who has been blogged about by all the usual suspects but who I somehow missed until now.  I came to learn that main contributor Jonathan Phillips' family home was severely damaged by the quake.  You can see photos and read his harrowing account at Mount Pleasant's blog.  If you're able, heed Phillips' call and donate to New Zealand's Red Cross here.

We can be thankful, though, that Phillips and his family survived and that we have a new Mount Pleasant album upon us.  "II Tough II Dance," "Safer" and "Florida" are chilled-out disco/funk/house tracks from upcoming album The Aztecs, due for release on March 16 via bandcamp.  By the looks of it, The Aztecs also features one Joanna De Vocht on production and vocals; her chanteuse lends an even smoother vibe to Phillips' already velvety tracks.  On these songs, Phillips and De Vocht manage to take the best of 70s disco and funk and combine it with 80s New Wave to make something that sounds familiar and fresh at the same time.  Listen to three Aztecs songs below, buy them at Mount Pleasant's bandcamp and keep your mouse clicked there for the full album on March 16. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Glass Animals - "Drips"

Oxford/South London's Glass Animals shared "Drips" with me (and 90+ others) via SoundCloud.  The song's aqueous, echoing key tones immediately captured my attention.  Then came the distinctively British-sounding, smooth-as-silk vocals, and suddenly "Drips" was the most hauntingly beautiful thing I'd heard all week.  Sounds a bit like Morrissey writing some ambient New Age while cooped up in a cave.  Creepy yet gorgeous.  Listen to "Drips" below; get more Glass Animals at their SoundCloud

  Drips by Glass Animals

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Actress on NonPlus, Chrissy Murderbot on Planet Mu

FACT magazine's most recent "new singles round-up" has me excited for some upcoming releases on NonPlus and Planet Mu.  The first is from Actress, whose second full-length Splazsh was one of my favorite albums of 2010.  Actress' Darren Cunningham makes dizzying, futuristic electronic music that repeats itself to hypnotic effect.  His "Harrier ATTK / "Gershwin" single sounds equally promising; it appears to be set for release on NonPlus in the near future.  Listen to a blend of both songs below.

Actress - "Harrier ATTK" / "Gershwin" (Blend)

Also noteworthy is a new EP from Chrissy Murderbot, a Chicago-based footwork/juke artist who has been a diplomat of sorts in spreading that genre's sound across the globe.  "Bussin' Down" is a collaboration with fellow footworker DJ Spinn, while "Braaain" is Murderbot strictly solo.  Both songs feature breakneck beats-per-minute pacing and vocal snippets repeated ad nauseum.  The Bussin' Down EP also features remixes from Atki2, Rashad & Spinn and Ghosts on Tape.  Out April 4 on Planet Mu.  More info here.

Chrissy Murderbot & DJ Spinn - Bussin' Down by chrissymurderbot

Chrissy Murderbot - Braaain by chrissymurderbot

(via FACT)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Galway - Sunrise 1991 EP

Galway's Sunrise 1991 EP has been on endless repeat ever since I heard it on the infinitely-inspiring Flashlight Tag last week.  The Moscow four-piece makes eighties-imbued dream pop, complete with jangly guitars and melodically bubbling synth tones.  Fans of Wild Nothing should be onboard with no hesitation whatsoever.  Preview "Air #3" and "Each of us loves space tears" below; grab the title track at Galway's bandcamp

Galway - Air #3
Galway - Each of us loves space tears

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Jamie XX - Far Nearer

Finally, a full-length, high-fidelity version of Jamie XX's "Far Nearer," wherein Smith chops and screws Janet Jackson's "Love Will Never Do (Without You)" and splices it over steel drum shenanigans.  A release on Numbers Records has been rumored, but it was supposedly help up over the Jackson sample.  Hopefully that's been resolved and we can have this on a slab of vinyl soon.

(via Gorilla vs. Bear via Post-Dubstep)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Townhouses - "Backyard" / "Indian Elephant"

Here's a challenge: click play on The Townhouses' "Backyard" and "Indian Elephant."  Try your absolute hardest not to fall in love with both songs.  As it turns out, it's humanly impossible.  With "Backyard," I gave up about 45 seconds in; by the time the trumpet sauntered smoothly into the mix, I was simply gushing.  "Indian Elephant" unwinds more slowly, but when those skittering tones come forth to compete with the vocal swells, we're wondrously wide-eyed at the melodic interplay.  These are chilled-out dream pop tunes, perfect for getting all loved-up while lounging in a hammock.  Seems like fans of Air France and The Album Leaf should be all over this.  Making music from Melbourne, The Townhouses' music is available for pay-what-you-will download at bandcamp.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Magic Places - 2071 EP

Just yesterday, Unholy Rhythms premiered a new EP from Magic Places, whose soul-stirring, sci-fi-inspired music commanded my attention for much of late last year.  I described the songs on Magic Places' debut full-length as "celestial gems reflecting off moon-swept waters."  That statement holds true for the 2071 EP, though these new songs also attain that proverbial label of "next-level shit."  The 2071 EP contains two stand-alone tracks, two songs from Magic Places' upcoming full-length and a remix by Phays.  Preview the two album tracks below; grab the rest for free at Unholy Rhythms.  And keep your mouse clicked here for more Magic Places in the next few weeks. 

Magic Places - Sacred Technology
Magic Places - Water

(via Unholy Rhythms)

New Notable American Women - "Cyberchondria"

If Devon Delamarter's previous output as Notable American Women was the freakish fog ascending from an apocalyptic android attack, "Cyberchondria" would be the responsible robots rising from the ashes, surveying our cities and pillaging our properties.  In other words, the song's radar pulses and synthetic squishing sounds take us on quite a journey even with the song's relatively short run time.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Premiere: Mixtape by Kinder

Proud to premiere Casket Crash Vigil's first-ever guest mixtape, expertly crafted by Austin's Kinder, whose glitched-out beats I posted back in November.  The 50+ minute mix features music from Beat Konducta, dak, Gonjasufi, John Cale, and The Microphones as well as new Kinder jams and ambient side project stuff.  Excellent!

Kinder's The Museum Containing the Libraries of Yesterday's Imaginings mixtape

Tracklist after the jump:

Friday, February 11, 2011

New album from Pepepiano

The year's eleven percent young, but already, Pepepiano's "Millennium Wet Dream" is an early contender for song of the year.  I imagine the song's soothing synth textures and seraphic squeaks as being performed by a swarm of amphibious creatures celebrating the defeat of an invasive species or the arrival of a season of hope.  The swelling ambiance of "Millennium Wet Dream" is a bit unrepresentative of an album otherwise comprised of A.D.D.-informed, avant-garde electronics, but the rest of the songs are equally as excellent. 

There's also a wide range of influences at work here.  Listening to the cat-like chattering on "Bruce Springsteen," I'm reminded of the guttural, youthful emotions of Feels-era Animal Collective, expressed electronically instead of organically.  Meanwhile, "Catapult" is a 16-bit slow jam with back-up vocals that recall Sigur Rós.  All throughout the album are squelching synth tones and silly sounds that reminded me of Max Tundra.  All told, Pepepiano's genre-jumping album is highly recommended.  Preview three songs below; grab the rest of the album for free here

Pepepiano - Millennium Wet Dream
Pepepiano - Bruce Springsteen
Pepepiano - Catapult

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Teams - "Whxt Txrns U Xn"

Knoxville transplant Sean Bowie has been making quite a name for himself as Teams.  His sample-based beats began bubbling up across the blogosphere last spring, and the hype has only increased since then.  Following up on last year's We Have A Room With Everything EP for AMDISCS and January's collaborative 12" with Star Slinger on Mexican Summer,  Teams is readying his Dxys Xff LP for release on AMDISCS this March.  With the above artwork and a name like "Whxt Txrns U Xn," you might think we're in for more of the "porn step" of earlier track "Stunts," yet the song has a relatively simple beat/gaze/glam structure.  It's a channel-churning, constantly building whirlwind of hip-hop beats, spinning metallic plates and chopped up vocals.  And it promises very well for Teams' debut full-length.  Check "Whxt Txrns U Xn" and a demo of "Dxys Xff" below. 

  Whxt Txrns U Xn? by T E A M S

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Com Truise X RxRy

All-time Casket Crash Vigil favorite RxRy just remixed red-hot synth wizard Com Truise, turning the blistered synth pop of "Sundriped" into a blissed-out beauty that shimmers on and on.  The resulting sound is the aural equivalent of white hot sun reflecting off the metallic wing of an air-bound jet.  Listen to RxRy's "Eat Suun" remix and Com Truise's original below.  Both artists have full-lengths due this spring.

Com Truise - Sundriped (RxRy's Eat Suun Remix)
Com Truise - Sundriped

Monday, February 7, 2011

Harald Grosskopf - Synthesist

I heard Harald Grosskopf's "Synthesist" while catching up on the always-amazing 20jazzfunkgreats.  I was instantaneously awestruck by its elegant and simple beauty, each oscillation of sound unfurling itself and stretching ever upwards towards the heavens.  When I came to learn that "Synthesist" is the title track to Grosskopf's 1980 album, I was saddened I hadn't been listening all along.  Thankfully, RVNG Intl. is putting the finishing touches on what promises to be a beatifully arranged reissue, due February 15.  A bonus disc features reinterpretations from personal favorites Blondes, CFCF and Oneohtrix Point Never.  Listen to "Synthesist" below; find more info, music samples and pre-order here

Harald Grosskopf - Synthesist

(via 20jazzfunkgreats)

Friday, February 4, 2011

DyE - Fantasy (CFCF Remix)

Montreal producer CFCF just uploaded this chilled-out remix of DyE's "Fantasy."  The original exists on the eerie, emotive end of the electro-pop scale, but it's busier, if not downright spastic.  CFCF takes the "less is more" approach, slowing down the song and smoothing out its production, while retaining the original's eerily beautiful aura.  The result is a softly-building slow burner that reminds me a bit of Banjo Or Freakout.  Listen to the CFCF remix and the original below.  Both are part of the DyE's Fantasy EP, available digitally through Beatport and iTunes, which also features remixes from Clement Meyer, Remote and Jackpot.  On Tigersushi Records.

DyE - Fantasy (CFCF Remix)

DyE - Fantasy remix by CFCF

DyE - Fantasy (Original)