Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Actress on NonPlus, Chrissy Murderbot on Planet Mu

FACT magazine's most recent "new singles round-up" has me excited for some upcoming releases on NonPlus and Planet Mu.  The first is from Actress, whose second full-length Splazsh was one of my favorite albums of 2010.  Actress' Darren Cunningham makes dizzying, futuristic electronic music that repeats itself to hypnotic effect.  His "Harrier ATTK / "Gershwin" single sounds equally promising; it appears to be set for release on NonPlus in the near future.  Listen to a blend of both songs below.

Actress - "Harrier ATTK" / "Gershwin" (Blend)

Also noteworthy is a new EP from Chrissy Murderbot, a Chicago-based footwork/juke artist who has been a diplomat of sorts in spreading that genre's sound across the globe.  "Bussin' Down" is a collaboration with fellow footworker DJ Spinn, while "Braaain" is Murderbot strictly solo.  Both songs feature breakneck beats-per-minute pacing and vocal snippets repeated ad nauseum.  The Bussin' Down EP also features remixes from Atki2, Rashad & Spinn and Ghosts on Tape.  Out April 4 on Planet Mu.  More info here.

Chrissy Murderbot & DJ Spinn - Bussin' Down by chrissymurderbot

Chrissy Murderbot - Braaain by chrissymurderbot

(via FACT)

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