Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Townhouses - "Backyard" / "Indian Elephant"

Here's a challenge: click play on The Townhouses' "Backyard" and "Indian Elephant."  Try your absolute hardest not to fall in love with both songs.  As it turns out, it's humanly impossible.  With "Backyard," I gave up about 45 seconds in; by the time the trumpet sauntered smoothly into the mix, I was simply gushing.  "Indian Elephant" unwinds more slowly, but when those skittering tones come forth to compete with the vocal swells, we're wondrously wide-eyed at the melodic interplay.  These are chilled-out dream pop tunes, perfect for getting all loved-up while lounging in a hammock.  Seems like fans of Air France and The Album Leaf should be all over this.  Making music from Melbourne, The Townhouses' music is available for pay-what-you-will download at bandcamp.

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(via Stadiums and Shrines)

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