Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Premiere: Mixtape by Kinder

Proud to premiere Casket Crash Vigil's first-ever guest mixtape, expertly crafted by Austin's Kinder, whose glitched-out beats I posted back in November.  The 50+ minute mix features music from Beat Konducta, dak, Gonjasufi, John Cale, and The Microphones as well as new Kinder jams and ambient side project stuff.  Excellent!

Kinder's The Museum Containing the Libraries of Yesterday's Imaginings mixtape

Tracklist after the jump:

Kinder - The Museum Containing the Libraries of Yesterday's Imaginings (A Mix)

Kinder - Sexteen Intro
Dick Hyman - Topless Dancers or Corfu
Beat Konducta - Do You Know
Wendy Carlos - Winter (MDW 303 Mix)
Attic Ted - Fountain (4 Track Mix)
Delia Derbyshire - Noah
White Noise/Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies - (My Game of Loving/Patriot's Lullaby)
I.K.S. - 'Lude 1
Jame Blake - Lindesfame II
Gardnerella - ?
Erik Satie - Embryons desséchés, I. D'Holothurnie. Allez un peru
Sean O'Hagan - Space Age Bachelor Pad Music
Gonjasufi - dedNd
dak - Getting (A few Kinder adjustments)
John Cale - Bicycle
Veux - Late Key
Vivi Bach & Dietmar Schönherr - Molotov Cocktail Party
Kinder - Boxing Day
MDW - 'Lude 2
Microphones - The Pull (Abridged)
Richard Attree - No Easy Road
MDW ft. Kinder - UNTLD 2
Moondog - Enough About "Human Rights"
Yesterday's New Quintet - She's Gonna Stay
And Time Has Run Out

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