Friday, February 11, 2011

New album from Pepepiano

The year's eleven percent young, but already, Pepepiano's "Millennium Wet Dream" is an early contender for song of the year.  I imagine the song's soothing synth textures and seraphic squeaks as being performed by a swarm of amphibious creatures celebrating the defeat of an invasive species or the arrival of a season of hope.  The swelling ambiance of "Millennium Wet Dream" is a bit unrepresentative of an album otherwise comprised of A.D.D.-informed, avant-garde electronics, but the rest of the songs are equally as excellent. 

There's also a wide range of influences at work here.  Listening to the cat-like chattering on "Bruce Springsteen," I'm reminded of the guttural, youthful emotions of Feels-era Animal Collective, expressed electronically instead of organically.  Meanwhile, "Catapult" is a 16-bit slow jam with back-up vocals that recall Sigur Rós.  All throughout the album are squelching synth tones and silly sounds that reminded me of Max Tundra.  All told, Pepepiano's genre-jumping album is highly recommended.  Preview three songs below; grab the rest of the album for free here

Pepepiano - Millennium Wet Dream
Pepepiano - Bruce Springsteen
Pepepiano - Catapult

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