Friday, November 12, 2010


Austin's Kinder is a rather excellent surgeon (of the sonic variety), stitching samples and suturing sounds into melodically-pleasing glitch-hop for our listening pleasure. Self-described as "dubbeatkrunk," which seemingly lumps London, Los Angeles and Lil Jon into the same genre tag, Kinder's beats are probably too disparate to be dubstep, too dynamic to be just beats and too intelligent to be drunk-stoned. That's a compliment to the artist - these tunes vary in tone and tempo and are melodically sophisticated, even transcendent. Fans of Flying Lotus and Gold Panda will find lots to appreciate here. Keep your computer keys and mouse clicking on Kinder; I have a feeling there's much more where this came from and that it's only getting better from here.

Kinder - Koto Winter

Kinder - Games At The Field

Kinder - Time To Move On

Kinder - No Regrets

Grab more Kinder at Bandcamp.

(via Don't Die Wondering)

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