Thursday, July 21, 2011

AyGeeTee - "C'mon Baby/Secret Meeting Place" (Time Wharp Remix)

Been a fan of Time Wharp ever since I heard "1992" on Don't Die Wondering way back in August of last year.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't kept up as closely as I should have, though.  I only started following on SoundCloud yesterday (blush).  And yet, it was perfect timing because I got to see his remix of AyGeeTee pop up in my list of incoming tracks.  Time Wharp's remix sounds something like Black Dice and Four Tet playing vintage video games in a room full of rhythmically-inclined electronic staplers, tap-happy typewriters and sputtering diesel engines.  I think they're watching porn, too.  Both artists have releases out now on AMDISCS: AyGeeTee's Soul LP and Time Wharp's Later LP.

  AyGeeTee - C'mon Baby/Secret Meeting Place (Time Wharp rmx) by Time Wharp

Monday, July 18, 2011

ALAK - "My Love is the Best" (Patten Remix)

I've followed ALAK and more so Patten for quite a while now. Both had albums on Kaleidoscope way back in 2007. A great friend and excellent musician I know saw ALAK (then Alas, Alak, Alaska!) around the same time and said it was one of the most amazing musical experiences he'd ever had. Anyway, to bring it all together, ALAK has now been remixed by Patten, who has more recently taken a turn away from sun-blistered acoustic exercises and towards electronic beats with both bang and bliss. Here, he puts a four note flutter on endless repeat and supplies a stuttering beat to tie the pretty little package up and send it on its way. Two things come to mind: a hula hoop in perpetual slow motion and/or a sundress fluttering in the summer breeze.  Wondrous.

(via No Pain In Pop, who are putting out a Patten release in the near future)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Moon Gangs - "Sea" & "Sky"

I am remiss to have not posted Moon Gangs immediately upon hearing "Sea" on 20jazzfunkgreats, and further to have not posted it in the interim.  I've been listening to it A LOT.  At least once a day, but usually much more.  Via car stereo, computer speakers, headphones and phone speakers.  Paranoid waves of steely cool sound, placated by warmer oscillations of a sun-burnt hue.  Like the slip of sun that banishes the shiver of night and sets in motion the scurry of a summer's day.  Ambient, kosmische, meditative, New Age, synth, etc.  Free download below; extremely limited run of 50 cassettes from Where to Now?

MP3: Moon Gangs - Sea
MP3: Moon Gangs - Sky

Moon Gangs on SoundCloud / Tumblr

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

new Magic Places - Melodrama EP

Magic Places sent over his new Melodrama EP at the absolute perfect time.  With the final space shuttle mission in progress, many are focused on celestial travel, which is perhaps the defining theme of Magic Places' epic electronic soundscapes.  It's the first thing I think of whenever I listen to his music, anyway.  That I received the EP on a night when I had no electricity in my apartment and had to listen in the soft candescence of moonlight was a coincidence that was only too fitting.  Like The Time-Traveler's Pocket Guidebook album and 2071 EP before it, the Melodrama EP is another blissful breeze through the land of 80s nostalgia on the back of Falkor, the luck dragon.  Fans of bygone era-beats and shimmering synth pop have got to get on board.  Stream three songs below; grab the whole thing here.  

MP3: Magic Places - Pitchwhite Lumens
MP3: Magic Places - Lovetrial
MP3: Magic Places - On The Verge

Magic Places on bandcamp / Facebook / MySpace / SoundCloud

Monday, July 4, 2011

Lovelock - "South Beach Sunrise"

One click on this new Lovelock track and a month's worth of school- and work-imposed blog slump comes to a end (sorry about that, by the way).  In "South Beach Sunrise," electronic artist Steve Moore crafts a breezy slow jam that doubtless lives up to its name.  Could easily soundtrack a Corona drinker's sips from a bottle of chilly brew as he or she skips a cell phone across sun-swept waters.  Reminds me of that elusive "endless summer" day.  Artist note says "Coming soon I hope."  Seconded. 

  Lovelock - South Beach Sunrise by steve moore

Also, I've had Moore's solo spin "Frigia" on blast for quite a while now.  Heard it on 20jazzfunkgreats.  Buy it at Discogs or from Rush Hour.

MP3: Steve Moore - Frigia