Friday, May 27, 2011

Pink Priest - "Tell Me Something Awesome Before I Go To Sleep" (BALAM ACAB Remix)

William Cody Watson may have put the wraps on his Pink Priest project, but for the moment, it lives on with this remix by Tri Angle Records artist BALAM ACAB, who takes the original's alien, ethereal tones and soothes them with some aqueous bubbling.

Tell Me Something Awesome Before I Go To Sleep (BALAM ACAB Remix) by BALAM ACAB

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

video: Blondes - "Pleasure"

Pleasure from Blondes on Vimeo.

Blondes get a little crazier, funkier, more tribal and weirder than ever as heard in this Farley Gwazda-directed video for "Pleasure."  Their Business / Pleasure 12" is available for pre-order from RVNG Intl. with a release date of June 14, 2011.

(via Pitchfork)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

E&E - Various Songs

In addition to having that new Gang Gang Dance record on full blast for the past week, I've had Los Angeles-based producer Elijah Crampton's music as E&E on constant repeat.  It's safe to say I've obsessed over his ambient re-works of popular R&B from artists such as The-Dream, Destiny's Child and INOJ.  Seems like Crampton takes a cappella versions of these songs and adds his own layers of ambient sounds to the mix.  The results are breathtakingly brilliant.  Makes you wonder why the song wasn't produced as such from the beginning.  Take a listen:

MP3: E&E - The Dreem
MP3: E&E - Destine+e
MP3: E&E - Love U Down

Crampton's original creations are frighteningly good, too.

MP3: E&E - Reina (Tape Cut)
MP3: E&E - Submerging Cathedral

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Team Rockit - "första hjälpen" & "leviathan"

All-time favorite Swedish pop stars Air France just started a tumblr, and today they recommended the music of fellow Sincerely Yours-signees Team Rockit.  I'm at an absolute loss for words over how to describe "första hjälpen" and "leviathan," the two songs that make up their new 7", but the words ambient, dancehall, hip-hop and majestic come to mind.  Grab the MP3s below; buy the 7" here.

MP3: Team Rockit - första hjälpen
MP3: Team Rockit - leviathan

Friday, May 6, 2011

Meadowlands - Music for Seasonal Allergy Relief

Totally at peace as a result of these ambient field recordings by Meadowlands. "Pt. 1 (Synthesizer & Field Recordings)" is a classically ambient synth session, where layers of silky-smooth sounds appear, build, bend and fade into one another.  Meanwhile, "Pt. 2 (Field Recordings)" is a trip to the beach, where the sounds of wind and water become one and the only interruption is the occasional bird call.  These could indeed function as mental field trips for the agoraphobic or severely allergic, but they could also be called "Music to Escape the Confines of Your Cubicle," because right now, I'm lying on a blanket in a field or on a towel at the beach, for all I know.  If the disciplines of spirituality and science manufactured a device to implant in one's ear to enable him or her to hear such ambient bliss all the time, I'd be zoned-out 24/7.  Listen to part one below and then grab both for free here

Music for Seasonal Allergy Relief Pt. 1 (Synthesizer & Field Recordings) by meadowlands

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

MP3: SALEM - "Till The World Ends"

By now, you've probably already heard SALEM's ultra-slow, mega-screwed version of Britney S. Pierce's "Till The World Ends." It's more than made its way across the web. Perhaps you've seen the NSFW video that dwells in a strip club before it shows a military strike in night-vision. Well, just in case, here's the audio alone, a potentially more convenient cut that's perfectly safe for work. As long as your boss is cool with slow jamz and the occasional blood-curdling scream.

MP3: SALEM - Till The World Ends

new Double Entendre - Street Music EP

Rolled out of bed this morning, checked my email and was very happy to see some correspondence from Ryan Daniels, aka Double Entendre.  Daniels' new Street Music EP is now streaming at bandcamp, available for download or in an incredibly limited run of just 15 cassettes.  There's something for everyone here, from the spin-inducing psychedelics of the title track to the more heavenly, harp-like oscillations of "This Perfect Day."  Faltering swells of acidic synths make up "Breathing in the Ether," while the fuzzed-up tin pan workout that is "Sometimes, Happy Times" took me back to Konono N°1's Congotronics in the best way possible.  "3-4 tbsp" is an ambient interlude complete with chirping birds and burnt-out key tones; "Onboard Currency" is an inspirational jam that chugs on and on towards the horizon.  Daniels offers up "Sometimes, Happy Times" and his remix of Andy & Zeus' "MCMLXXXI Choir" for free, but you should support the arts by buying the MP3s for $5 or a tape for just $6.  If you've ever bought anything from The Curatorial Club, NNA Tapes or Sweat Lodge Guru, you simply must buy this. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Catching up / Gatto Fritto & Julian Lynch

Apologies for the lack of posts as of late, if anyone noticed.  My full-time job has been keeping me busy and the spring cold bug has had me feeling down.  Enough with the excuses, though.  Highest possible recommendations go out to two albums that came out last week - Gatto Fritto's self-titled debut on International Feel and Julian Lynch's Terra on Underwater Peoples.  The former is a dazzlingly good exploration of electronic music past, present and future.  It delves into disco, horror, New Wave, noise, synth and more.  Meanwhile, Julian Lynch has made his best album yet in Terra, a subdued, sublime statement with deeply meaningful experimentation and rich, organic textures.  You can hear two songs from each record below and read more in-depth reviews I wrote over at HEAVE Media.  My Gatto Fritto review is here and my Julian Lynch review is here.  Let me know what you think!  Leave a comment!

MP3 - Gatto Fritto - Hex
MP3 - Gatto Fritto - Beachy Head

MP3 - Julian Lynch - Terra
MP3 - Julian Lynch - Back