Saturday, February 26, 2011

RxRy - Alpha + guest mixtape

Over the weekend, Casket Crash Vigil favorite RxRy made his Alpha "microLP/megaEP" available for download at his blog.  (UPDATE: On Monday afternoon, the download was taken down, as Alpha is now due for release on vinyl this May!)  As the artist described in an interview with GIMME TINNITUS, Alpha is "comprised of samples taken from an AM radio and manipulated via midi sequencing."  Having had the chance to hear Alpha, I can say that the resulting sounds are the most sonically saturated we've heard from RxRy.  They are also quite possibly his best work to date.  If the sound-canceling properties of outer space somehow enabled the transmission of noise from producer to consumer, this is doubtless what we'd hear as spaceships stretched into star-bending warp speed. I have a feeling, though, that the artist himself hears these sounds as more earthly than extraterrestrial.  In keeping with Mother Earth, then, these are the sounds of a future in which the biological and technological have become one and the same.  Witness the cybernetic crickets on "L.2_Evaporated" for an example.  Stream that and "A2.2_Phase" below; stay tuned for news on Alpha's vinyl release.

RxRy - L.2_Evaporated
RxRy - A2.2_Phase

In the meantime, RxRy was kind enough to make a guest mix for me.  I asked him around 12:40 PM on Saturday; it was in my inbox before 10:00 PM that night.  Featuring Aphex Twin, Atlas Sound, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Tim Hecker and others, it was inspired by "the subtle shift in light between 3:32pm and 5.58pm."  Listen/download below.

RxRy's The Subtle Shift In Light Between 3.32pm and 5.58pm Mixtape

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