Monday, January 31, 2011

New Com Truise - "Colorvision"

"A new jam!" from synth wizard Com Truise (aka Seth Haley).  With its fat analog bass riff and sci-fi synthesizers, "Colorvision" might well soundtrack a B movie about a team of Jamaican ambassadors sent to the outer reaches of space to interact with extraterrestrial life forms. 

Colorvision (WIP) by Com Truise

If "Colorvision" leaves you begging for more, as it should, Haley's Cyanide Sisters EP dropped last week on Ghostly International.  Originally offered as a free download through AMDISCS last summer, the Ghostly version is expanded and remastered with its tracklist shuffled around.  A liquid hot mess of warbly wave lengths and squelching synth tones, the Cyanide Sisters EP is highly recommended.  Support the arts by buying it.

Com Truise - Slow Peels

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