Monday, January 3, 2011


Will Wiesenfeld makes gleefully glitchy beats by the name of Baths: his debut album Cerulean was my second favorite album of 2010.  Quite prolific, the bedroom producer also records ambient instrumentals as Geotic and avant-garde electronica as [Post-foetus]Mend is Wiesenfeld's latest album under the Geotic moniker, which he's offered for free download on Geotic's website.  It's a simple yet strikingly beautiful composition of melodic guitar riffs, tinkering key tones and hazy electronic textures - perfect for refocusing after an extravagant New Year's Eve.  The meditative melodies on Mend are as life-affirming as they are likely to lull you into a contemplative and deeply relaxed state.  Sounds a bit like an instrumental Memoryhouse covering Ambient-era Eno.  Fans of The Album Leaf and Sigur Rós will surely enjoy this.

(via Will Wiesenfeld [@BATHSmusic] on Twitter)

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