Friday, January 28, 2011

Bad Autopsy - "Decades"

I've been following London producer Bad Autopsy since February 2010, when "Beam Beamer" and "Psionic Terror" premiered on No Pain In Pop.  Under the headline "Transcendental Slime," the songs sounded like the garage child of Burial and Forest Swords bubbling up from the bottom of a primordial swamp, with frustrated, ghost-in-the-machine vocal samples seeping into a mix of smog and sick and twisted beats.  

Since then, Bad Autopsy's been exploring brighter sounds with a bit more bang to them, first on the songs he's uploaded to his SoundCloud and then with his self-titled EP for Ramp Recordings.  His most recent upload, "Decades," certainly belongs in the brighter, banging category, even if it's inspired by a number of genres.  The song's synth stabs seemingly belong to trance, but the polyrhythmic beats and drawn-out diva vocals are pure electro house.  Whatever the case, "Decades" is highly addictive and seriously recommended, as is the rest of Bad Autopsy's frequently shifting SoundCloud page.

Buy Bad Autopsy's EP digitally or physically.  Follow him on MySpace and SoundCloud.

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