Tuesday, January 11, 2011

double entendre

I've been enamored with Ryan Daniels' double entendre project ever since I heard it on Friendship Bracelet back in September 2010.  My excitement increased exponentially when I saw a fresh release pop up in double entendre's RSS feed yesterday.  Early Works 1979-2010 compiles double entendre's self-titled and red lions EPs and features a reprise of "Out Of The Way."  Two tracks have different running times, so we can assume they were re-recorded and/or remastered. 

Daniels' describes his music as "ambient" and "chillwave."  The former works, as the album's electronic oscillations are likely to make you feel as though you're soaring high above an illuminated electronic grid a la "Blade Runner" or "Tron."  Chillwave, however, comes with a negative connotation of an unskilled synth operator offering reverb-soaked songs as real musical talent.  double entendre is plenty chill and has waves both sea-based and sine, but it showcases Daniels' legitimate chops as a composer and more than transcends chillwave's psych-stoner stereotype.  For fans of Cascaders, Dolphins Into The Future, Emeralds and Radio People.

Stream the whole thing below, then head over to double entendre's bandcamp to buy it.  For a purely audio-based experience, you can cop a download for $5.  For an audio-visual experience, you can get a download plus a hand-printed poster for $10. 

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