Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pierce & Pierce - I Simply Am Not There EP

I spent Monday morning listening to Pantha Du Prince's Black Noise (2010), so it's fitting I found Pierce & Pierce on No Modest Bear that afternoon.  The Denmark duo consists of Jens Holmberg Jensen and Nicolas Hansen, who make similar-sounding ambient electronica even as they explore the more club-friendly beats and melodies of techno and house.  "This Is Not An Exit" is awash in ambient swirls, with percolating key tones popping up throughout the mix.  Preview it below, then grab the rest of the excellent I Simply Am Not There EP at Pierce & Pierce's tumblr

Pierce & Pierce - This Is Not An Exit

EDIT: The Fader posted this song today, too.  Their writers are better researchers than I.  Pierce & Pierce is a reference to "American Psycho" (2000); it's the investment firm that employs Patrick Bateman, Christian Bale's character.  The EP title is a Bateman quote, while song title "This Is Not An Exit" is from the book.

If it matters.

Pierce & Pierce on Facebook / SoundCloud / Tumblr

(via No Modest Bear, with props to The Fader)

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