Monday, January 24, 2011

Buck UK

I stumbled upon Buck UK while I was surfing HallsSoundCloud last week, and his ambient 2-step songs are a large part of what I've been listening to since.  Artist Phil Buckley was born and raised in Manchester, UK, but he's lived stateside since 2008.  Three years removed from the mother country of 2-step, Buckley's connection to that scene is still very much intact.  His songs either shimmer in a grayish candescence or stutter-step like a drunk with a gimp leg.  Or they do both in a way that fans of Pariah and Teengirl Fantasy will definitely appreciate.  Stream some Buck UK below, then head to his SoundCloud to check out the rest of his treasure trove. 

Wonder by Buck UK

Understand by Buck UK

Always by Buck UK

a·skance by Buck UK

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