Tuesday, January 4, 2011

+Two Inch Punch-

Surfing around on SoundCloud, I stumbled upon +Two Inch Punch- as a result of a loving comment left by Taragana PyjaramaGetting warm.  Then I saw how London producer Ben Ash describes his music under the +Two Inch Punch- moniker.  He uses words like "blush," minimal and soul.  Getting warmer.  He self-categorizes his songs as "DreamStep" and "Lovestep."  Getting hot.  Then I clicked play on "Her Heart Moves," and trust me, his songs are flame, even if they're slow-burners.

In a way, "Her Heart Moves" feels like a follow-up to Gold Panda's "You" - a comparison the artist should take as the highest possible compliment and not at all as a complaint.  Both songs seem to sample the same alien plush toy.  On Gold Panda's "You," said alien is out for an extravagant evening, bouncing around like crazy, shrieking with euphoria.  "Her Heart Moves" is the misty-eyed morning after, as the hungover alien hobbles home, relishing the night's events and lamenting its passing.  There's joy here, and love too, but it's bittersweet and not without longing.

"Luv Luv" is equally excellent.  It sounds a bit like an Aaliyah & Timbaland jam chopped in a blender, with finger snaps percolating throughout the mix.

Fans of Diamond Messages, Hard Mix and Pariah should be eating this up.

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+++ Her Heart Moves --- by +Two Inch Punch-

+++ Luv Luv --- by +Two Inch Punch-

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