Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Notable American Women - "Wind" & "Man-Babewyn"

Devon Delamarter makes swampy, sample-based music as Notable American Women.  His songs are so dubbed-out and rife with distortion that they seem to crawl forth from the same Cretaceous cave as Forest Swords creepy output.  So I was a bit surprised to learn that Delamarter lives in Lakeland, Florida and not gray, gloomy London.  These songs are freaky, yes, but they're also freakishly good.  "Wind" is the more straightforward of the two, but even it slithers and squelches like a dying animal gasping for air.  This song is the wind, or rather, the sound of it: stale, cold and uncaring, it carries the animal's last cries into the ears of a fearful townfolk.  Meanwhile, "Man-Babewyn," whatever that is, sounds a bit like Panda Bear covering or remixing Portishead, with heavily reverberant vocals hovering over a revved-up synth riff.  Listen to and download those two songs below; grab two more at Notable American Women's bandcamp

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