Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Supreme Cuts - "Amnesia" & "Months"

Been digging Supreme Cuts pretty hard ever since I heard them on Friendship Bracelet the other day.  The Chicago act chops up R&B and serves it over some seriously sick and twisted beats.  Seems like these songs could even be cut from the same cloth as Two Inch Punch, if that cloth was spattered with salmonella and left to fester for a few days.  "Amnesia" almost qualifies as lovestep, but the more you listen, you realize it's really whining-baby-step.  Meanwhile, "Months" alternates between air raid sirens, cavernous percussion and diva vocals.  These are indeed supreme cuts, infected and raw.  Like the freshest scabs, you just wanna keep pickin' at 'em.    

Supreme Cuts by Supreme Cuts

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