Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Burial & Four Tet / Thom Yorke - "Ego" & "Mirror"

As if last year's collab between BurialFour Tet wasn't grand enough, the two had Thom Yorke step into the mix for a new 12".  Bummer, then, that the initial stock is already sold out, but Bleep says it "will have the final allocation on sale shortly" and advises you to sign up for their mailing list for more info.  The songs premiered on Rinse FM last night, and luckily for us, some pioneering soul ripped the streaming audio and posted it in YouTube.  And thus we have "Ego" and "Mirror," two tracks of melodic yet morose, paranoid yet placative whateverstep.  Come to think of it, these songs may well mollify those Radiohead fans who were hoping for more electronic experimentation on The King Of Limbs.

Burial & Four Tet / Thom Yorke - "Ego"

Burial & Four Tet / Thom Yorke - "Mirror"

Now seems as good a time as any to mention sites like OnlineVideoConvertor and ListenToYouTube.  Just sayin'.

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