Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hyperdelic Records

Almost a week ago, I got an email from Daniel Smith, who records "face melting" music as Red Electric Rainbow and runs the cassette-only label Neon Blossom. Smith and Matt Kimmel of Acid Marshmallow curated last year's Neon Marshmallow Festival, and now they're collaborating on a new ambient/drone/noise/synth label called Hyperdelic Records.  Hyperdelic's first six releases are available now and include cassettes from Red Electric Rainbow, Mark Bradley, Headboggle, Netherfriends, Seabat and Mike Shiflet.  Other information was hard to come by, but I was able to hunt down tracks from 5 of 6 artists.  Note: not all songs are necessarily featured on the artists' Hyperdelic release.  They were just the most readily available songs and are intended to demonstrate the artists' work. 

Red Electric Rainbow - Ferris Wheel
Mark Bradley - No Words
Netherfriends - Wednesday

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thanks for the nod!
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