Monday, March 28, 2011

New Phaseone - "Murk Unit"

It's been two months since we've heard an original joint from Phaseone.  The dude recently packed up his game and moved from St. Louis to New York, so now seems like the perfect time for a new tune.  "Murk Unit" is tagged as belonging to the "killa" genre.  I'm not quite sure what that entails, but the song itself is pretty much "killa" and then some.  Buttressed by a sample* of The Luniz's "I Got A 5 On It," the song features the same trepid-sounding tubular bells as the original, with Phaseone adding some extra bleeps and plenty of bump to the mix.  Sounds like an unreleased hip-hop theme song to soundtrack a crime documentary about, well, "killas."

Phaseone - Murk Unit by PHASEONE

Get more Phaseone at SoundCloud and Tumblr.

(*Props to my buddy Tony for knowing his shit and name-dropping The Luniz.  I knew I'd heard the sample before but had no idea where to look.)

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