Monday, March 21, 2011

Hypermagic - San Fairy Ann EP

A new EP from Hypermagic!

San Fairy Ann.  I had no idea either.  So I looked it up.  It's a World War I era English language epic fail on the pronunciation of the Italian phrase ça ne fait rien.  Or so he says.  It's also a band and a cycling club.  But anyway.

The blurry, echoing atmosphere on title track "San Fairy Ann" immediately recalls Washed Out, as generous helpings of heavily reverberating vocals hit hot oil and heat until they're slightly crisp around the edges.  You know what I'm talking about: chillwave, bro.  And it's great.  Never mind the naysayers.

Meanwhile, "Little Scamp" is only subtlety sunburned and otherwise smitten with melodic synth tones and wooden, worldly percussion hits.

Stream those two songs below; grab the entire 5-track EP for free at Hypermagic's bandcamp.  Altogether, San Fairy Ann is another set of sweetly sublime tunes to match his three other excellent EPs. 

Hypermagic - San Fairy Ann (mp3 link)
Hypermagic - Little Scamp (mp3 link)

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