Wednesday, March 16, 2011

CFCF Mix for Last Gas Station

Montreal producer CFCF made a mix for the lovable Last Gas Station, and it's pretty much "killin' it" right now, to use the language of SXSW. (Can you tell I'm bitter I'm not there?) Anyway, like CFCF's own music and the plethora of other mixes he's made, these are some chilled-out dance, R&B and rap songs with some serious grooves to them. Featuring Asobi Seksu, Burial, Creep, Tangerine Dream, The Weekend and many more. Also has "Whispers," which appears to be a brand new CFCF song. All told, highly recommended listening.

CFCF: La.Ga.Sta. Mix by La.Ga.Sta.

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