Thursday, March 10, 2011

Daggereyess - "Hooked" & "Alocolol2"

Daggereyess' music is made by a dude named Darren.  He has a preference for a low profile, which is perfectly respectable, but with songs as good as the ones he's posted to his SoundCloud, he might not be able to keep that up for much longer.  "Hooked" is set to appear on a self-released digital EP.  It cuts with the same crystalline, glacial ambiance as anything from Crystal Castles.  Meanwhile, "Alocolol2" is a soaring flight through the heavens, with the breath of the gods blowing against our faces.  Stay tuned for more info on Daggereyess' debut EP; watch the Simply Red-sampling "Gurl, u got blud on ur dresssz" here.  

Hooked by Daggereyess

Daggereyess - Alocolol2

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