Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sofia Kourtesis - "Abue"

Oh, the joys of following Gold Panda on Twitter.  Self-depricating tweets and retweets.  The ironic incongruity of the idea that the artist is followed by about 4,500 people yet "can't be bothered to follow anyone."  Except one person.  Namely Sofia Kourtesis, his girlfriend.  Who has now released her own song, which Gold Panda tweeted about.  "Abue" is simply breathtaking, yet breathtakingly simple.  Like a painter who shares his or her palette and demonstrates his or her technique, Kourtesis lists the ingredients that were used to compose the song: "water, paper, xylophone, glockenspiel, casio, drum machine, computer, voice."  We can hear each element working with and against the others to form one splendidly-formed whole.  A cursory listen showcases Kourtesis' playful tinkering; multiple listens reveal the innate genius of it.  Let's hope there's much more where this came from.  Follow Kourtesis at her SoundCloud.

Abue by Sofia Kourtesis

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