Thursday, August 26, 2010


More shimmering, stuttering ambient IDM from London's Hypermagic. Like their first two EPs, Hey Hey Sunshine is still relatively laid back - slow on the beats-per-minute scale and simple in style and substance. With that said, though, Hey Hey Sunshine seemingly radiates much more in terms of motion and musicality. The EP's title track envisages the meter and motion of a few self-sufficient machines operating ad-infinitum. One machine's arm tips up and down, creating a lackadaisical beat. Another dips its dual arms into water and then rises, issuing consecutive drip-drops back into the pond. Yet another passes a ping-pong ball back and forth across a grooved wooden surface. Fascinated as we are by these machines, something warms our shoulders. We turn and look, and say hello to the sun.

On "Red Lion," it's the motion and musicality of a jazz drummer brushing beats while a Philip Glass-inspired percussionist pours and passes us Hpnotiq from his position at the xylophone. Their groove is serious, their melody is somewhere in between a technologically-savvy spy scene in an action flick and the spaced-out synths of The X-Files.

Hypermagic - Hey Hey Sunshine

Hypermagic - Red Lion

Download "The Dogs," the chugging, droning third and final song from the Hey Hey Sunshine EP, here. Hypermagic's first two EPs are graciously available for free download there as well. "Pico Blisco," a blissed-out, stunningly beautiful song from their self-titled EP, streams below. This was the song that swept me off my feet and sealed the deal. I believe the Hype. Hypermagic, of course.

Hypermagic - Pico Blisco

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