Tuesday, August 3, 2010


If I might jump on the invent-a-micro-genre bandwagon, I'd suggest Bathcrones are woodland-creature wave. If one were on a walkabout through, say, an overgrown English garden, one would hear Bathcrones' music lilting from the lily pads, the product of gnomes playing chimes and whistles in the Lilac-laced pond. Except Bathcrones' Matthew Jackson Johnson bangs his bells and beats from Georgia. Anyway, there's some real magic in Psychorama, Johnson's first full length, out now on No Pain In Pop.

Bathcrones - Vineyard Of The Sea
Bathcrones - False Teeth

(via No Pain In Pop and ALTERED ZONES)

Meanwhile, Guyanese ambient beatmaker Pional remixed Spain's Balearic pop stars Delorean into a similarly fantastical blend of club beats, bodacious bells and seraphic chimes. There's a connection between these three songs, and the mythical creatures in the forests and jungles must be up to something...

Real Love (Pional Remix) by matadorrecs

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