Saturday, August 14, 2010


BALAM ACAB is just one of the musical monikers of Alec Koone, who's just another 19-year-old dude making music and nabbing record deals on the computer in his college dorm room. Makes me feel like a no-talent ass-clown, a technologically-challenged twenty-something who wouldn't know what to do with FruityLoops, Logic or Reason. But I'm not bitter: I have Koone's blissed-out, hauntingly beautiful tunes to console my insecurities.

One of the founding fathers of "drag" and/or "witch house," those new micro-genres you've been hearing about, Koone had me with "See Birds," a trembling, treacherous track that seemingly samples both a sweet Siren and a morose demon. The track trips and sputters along, like dubstep drowning in molasses, with fits of acidic distortion sullying the mixture.

"Regret Making Mistakes" originates in the geographic East, with its centuries-old strings and modern-day synths shot to space - then from satellite to tower, from tower to telephone pole, through fiber optics, out the speaker and straight into our cerebral hemispheres.

"Big Boy" is the polar opposite of "See Birds." Where "See Birds" is taut with tension and technological decay, "Big Boy" fades in and floats on, an aqueous, bubbling expression of purification and rebirth. It is as melodically simple as it is aurally pleasing.

Listen to and download these three songs below; find out where to buy the See Birds EP from Tri Angle Records.

BALAM ACAB - See Birds

BALAM ACAB - Regret Making Mistakes


(via Friendship Bracelet, Pitchfork and a mixtape Tri Angle Records made for Wow Magazine)

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