Friday, August 20, 2010

Dream Boat

Dream Boat is Sina Sohrab. Born in Iran, raised in Michigan and currently studying Furniture Design at the Rhode Island School of Design, he makes "glassy dream music." That's one of the most optimistic descriptions of the decade: if his music is glassy, it's glassy-eyed, like a dead person whose soul is skimming the river Styx. This certainly isn't the hazy, warm, dream-inspired sound of chillwave, either. Indeed, Sohrab's musical moniker should probably be something more like Nightmare Ferry.

With "Your Beaches," Sohrab leads the pack in the competition for the scariest song of the year. From the first few seconds of sounds, we're certain that Charon, the ferryman of lost souls, has kicked open the gates to the underworld. Ominous synth riffs, double bass beats and juke snare hits give way to the desperate moans of Hades' inhabitants, whose wails expand across the water's surface and echo off cavernous walls. Sohrab saturates the vocal samples in such heavy reverb that we lose track of whether they're dying humans grasping for air or air-raid sirens signaling impending doom.

Dream Boat - Your Beaches

Also, Dream Boat covered/re-edited/remixed oOoOO's "NoSummr4u," one of my favorite artists/songs of the year, and it's even creepier than the original. Compare:

oOoOO - NoSummr4u
Dream Boat - oOchre

Find more Dream Boat at the AMDISCS record label.


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