Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Still hot from the postman's hands, Cascaders' cassette on The Curatorial Club is, audaciously—but not one second prematurely—one of the best releases of the year. A free, full-length download helped me form that opinion while I waited to slide that sweet C24 into my Sony Dream Machine. Too fickle to be ambient, too dynamic to be drone, Cascaders' call forth a hybrid transmission chocked full of ethereal tones, a cough-inducing haze, the blips and tweaks of IDM and the fraught echoes of folk and post-rock. Sample "Skybridge" below, and smile as its simple, oscillating synths and tumbling percussion simmer in the summer heat, like mirages ascending from the asphalt into the atmosphere. Download the full release here and buy your tape soon, as it will certainly sell out.

Cascaders - Skybridge

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