Tuesday, October 12, 2010


SALEM's King Night via UPS. Album-opening title track one of the best songs of the year. Grimy, writhing Gothic juke. The absolute epitome of epic, complete with "O Holy Night" as its sardonic backdrop.

"Asia" a banging-down-the-door, claustrophobic, trapped-in-a-dungeon-type song. What little melody or vocal arrangement exists is simply buried beneath the synth-sludge.

"Frost" an airier, slower and tighter version of itself, sounding a bit different but not necessarily better than the version that appeared on an earlier 7" from Audraglint.

The album, in a sentence, is heroin-laced horror-hop, screwed to the sixth circle of Hell.

Or, in a phrase, rohypnol wave.

Gimmick or greatness? Mostly greatness.

SALEM - King Night

SALEM - Asia

SALEM - Frost (7" version)

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