Wednesday, August 18, 2010


If we take TARAGANA PYJARAMA at the most literal level, using only the information available on his/her/their MySpace page, then here's what we think we know:

1) TARAGANA PYJARAMA self-describe his/her/their music as "surf."

2) The phrase "karibu wasichana" appears to be of the Swahili language, and possibly translates to "welcome girl."

3) The artist(s) claims Somalia as his/her/their location.

4) TARAGANA PYJARAMA likes beautiful images, primarily of women, some of them scantily clad (a trait I take absolutely no displeasure in at all).

5) TARAGANA PYJARAMA have a song called "Girls."

6) TARAGANA PYJARAMA is/are as yet unsigned.

If we dig a little further, we find that TARAGANA PYJARAMA is Nick Eriksen, a Danish knob-twister who also records as EIM ICK. And so, the mystery is solved. Regardless, the seemingly self-enforced shroud of anonymity that surrounds TARAGANA PYJARAMA isn't likely to last long. Not with a song as beautiful, liberating and powerful as "Girls." For six-and-a-half minutes, we are willfully wobbling, biking-under-the-influence around the same sun-soaked circle, woozy as the same warped loop leans from left to right. With indecipherable vocal samples, prodding bass and the lead loop on repeat, this is house at its best. Take note, learn the pronunciation and tell your friends; when TARAGANA PYJARAMA is a household name, you'll be that much cooler for having known it first.


(via No Modest Bear)

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