Friday, April 1, 2011

Rommek - "Room For Pudding"

Been expecting great things from one Romek Boyer - AKA Rommek - ever since I heard "Fisherman's Friend" on Don't Die Wondering in January.  Boyer's computer was broken for a while, but now it's back up and running, since the seventeen-year-old just sent me his latest track.  By the sound of things, Boyer hasn't missed a step in the meantime - or 2-steps, for that matter (pun intended).  "Room For Pudding" is a sonically maxed-out slice of signature-sounding UK whateverstep, complete with chimes, cowbell and pitch-bent vocals.  Grab that and "Fisherman's Friend" below.  Rommek only has a handful of tracks to his name, but when they sound this good, and at such a young age, the dude will be signed in no time.

Rommek - Room For Pudding
Rommek - Fisherman's Friend

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