Thursday, April 21, 2011

new Mount Pleasant - "Slipped Era"

Alive and as well as can be expected after February's Christchurch, NZ, earthquake forced him from his family's home, Jonathan Phillips (Mount Pleasant) is back to releasing new music.  "Slipped Era" is the fourth single we've heard from upcoming full-length The Aztecs.  It may also be the best.  Where the previous singles were more forward-thinking, dance-oriented jams, "Slipped Era" belongs to the disco era.  There's definitely a DFA vibe here, too, with the monotonous, hipsters-in-arms vocal dubs.  Like the best tracks on LCD Soundsystem's This Is Happening, the funkiness is fraught with an equal amount of frustration, and it eventually gives way to something larger, louder and more emotionally vulnerable.  It takes a skilled songwriter to make music that's indebted to a bygone era and simultaneously relevant to the present sound or predictive of the future.  "Slipped Era" is all that and then some.  Dig it.

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