Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DJ Earl - "Takeova" & "UKnowUKnow"

Chicago's DJ Earl started following me on SoundCloud about a month ago, if my memory serves me correctly, which wouldn't have been too long after I posted about fellow footwork/juke artist Chrissy Murderbot.  At least that's where I see the connection coming from.  Anyway, Earl appears to be a prominent battle DJ at Battle Groundz/Ghetto Teknitianz footwork competitions.  And his tracks have been released by Chicago label Ghettophiles.  Earl has page after page of his songs over at SoundCloud, many of which have been calling me back for repeated listens.  "Takeova (The Breakz Ova)" and "UKnowUKnow" are by far my favorite, with Earl's sampling of Jay-Z and Drake, respectively, at such precision and quality it makes you wonder why the original songs weren't footwork/juke in the first place.  Given the relatively simple song structure in the footwork/juke genre, basically the breakneck beat and the sample, the producer's ability to pick and repeat samples has to be top-notch.  DJ Earl's skills make him one of the best in the game. 

Earl- Takeova(the breakz ova by Dj Earl

Earl- UKnowUKnow by Dj Earl

Follow DJ Earl on SoundCloud.  Buy his music here.

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