Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Double Mauler - Post Digital Reality Live Mix

Michael Stumpf is a college student at Brown University.  He's also an avid blogger over at Hands In The Dark and a frequent contributor to the Not In Kansas show on Brown's Student Radio station.  Under his Double Mauler moniker, Stumpf curated a mix for Not In Kansas' most recent show and was kind enough to share it with me through SoundCloud.  Dude did a wonderful job picking out some of the best forward-thinking electronic tracks floating around the blogosphere as of late and deserves just as much credit for mixing them together to sound so cohesive.  Features Burial, DJ Nate, Forest Spirits, Phaseone and Zomby, among others.  Check the mix immediately below and the tracklist after the jump.

MP3 - Various Artists - Double Mauler's Post Digital Reality Live Mix



Deny This (Extended Version) - Mark E
Friendly - forest spirits
Natalia's Song - Zomby
Tell Me (Kingdom Edit) - Jacques Greene
Appetite (Kingdom Edit) - Usher
Lofticries - Purity Ring
Hookid - Morgan Zarate
Zen - Phaseone
Turn It Around (Banton's Mandy Mix) - Alena
Vanessa - Grimes
Prism - Jay Weed
Animal (Young Montana? Remix) - Groundislava
Antarctic City - Becoming Real
Poetry - DJ Nate
Nike - Mosca
Room for Pudding - Rommek
Stolen Dog - Burial

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