Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gel Set - "Don't Need Money Cuz I Got A Gun"

I first heard Gel Set's "U-Lock In My Hand" on 20jazzfunkgreats and that shit has grown on me like wildfire ever since.  The song's chilly ambiance directly contradicted the outwardly aggressive attitude expressed by its lyrics.  Now it's pretty much impossible to listen to the song without envisioning a hooded figure hiding in the shadows, thwarting off threats with a bloody, battle-ravaged bike lock.  I got in touch with the Chicago-based act though MySpace (!), and solo member "Lulu" was kind enough to send over some of the songs that stream on Gel Set's page.  I've chosen to highlight "Don't Need Money Cuz I Got A Gun" because it exists on the same dystopian plane as "U-Lock In My Hand."  This time around, the hooded figure will just straight up shoot you, so don't play around.  Musically, the song's spirited synthesizers would sound right at home on the Italians Do It Better label, while the more foreboding, spaced-out sonics recall output from Disaro or Tri Angle.  Grab "Don't Need Money Cuz I Got A Gun" and "U-Lock In My Hand" below; hear more Gel Set here.

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