Wednesday, August 17, 2011

new Balam Acab - "Motion"

Omnipresent, yes, but with very good reason, so no less essential a post.  "Motion" is our third taste of Balam Acab's debut full-length for Tri Angle.  Robin Carolan of the latter record label must be blushing.  Just relishing the moment, really.  Not only at Balam Acab's marvelous Wander / Wonder.  But also at his own year-old upstart being named America's best indie label by Billboard.  It was only one year and three days ago that this writer posted about Balam Acab's See Birds EP, the first release for the artist and the label.  What's happened since can only be described as meteoric, even miraculous, rise in exposure for both.  The apparition-inspired swells and twitches of Balam Acab, oOoOO and Holy Other birthed a micro-genre among the blogosphere.  Not to be pigeonholed, though, Tri Angle brought the fractured R&B of How To Dress Well to Europe and put out Clams Casino's hobbled hip-hop beats at the very height of the hype.

That brings us to today, less than two weeks before Balam Acab's Wander / Wonder sees release.  Gone is the grating haziness of See Birds; what's left behind is the morning dew and a moist fog, water droplets forming rings in cave puddles.  A spirit has been calling out, cheekily coaxing you into and out of a deep slumber.  Wander / Wonder is that mystical excursion, that mental escape.  It will absorb you, or you will fall into it.  Either way, it is beautiful and essential.  Go and get.  It can be all yours.  Buy it from Insound (CD / LP) or Rough Trade (CD / LP).

  Balam Acab - Motion by TriAngleRecords

  BALAM ACAB - Apart by TriAngleRecords

MP3: Balam Acab - Oh, Why

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