Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wise Blood - "Loud Mouths" (Supreme Cuts Remix)

Chicago's future R&B crew Supreme Cuts just dropped their debut EP through Small Plates Records.  The 27-minute Trouble EP is an infectious blend of experimental noise and R&B bliss chopped in a blender.  You can grab it on 10" straight from Small Plates or digitally from Amazon or iTunes.  What's more, their debut performance at Chicago's Empty Bottle was mind-bogglingly good.  In celebration of all the cool shit that's been happening, the duo have graciously gifted this remix of Wise Blood for our listening pleasure.  Their take on "Loud Mouths" is a cinematic ear-slap that's swollen with strings and fits of distorted vocals.

MP3: Wise Blood - Loud Mouths (Supreme Cuts Remix)

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