Monday, August 29, 2011

ep: Regal Safari - R G L S F R

I spent a pretty good portion of the weekend listening to Regal Safari's R G L S F R EP on repeat.  Really, it only took thirty seconds of "Light" streaming on Don't Die Wondering to grab hold of me.  Now that R G L S F R has fully wrapped itself around me through repeated listens, I can't recommend it enough.  Melodically pleasing, shimmering stutter-step is something the world is doing, but very few are doing it as well as this Brighton-based three-piece.  The quirky machinations of Mount Kimbie come to mind, as do the liberating excursions of The Miracle Club.  Best New Album or similar recognition, ASAP, please.  Stream the whole EP below; grab a free download here.  Hey labels - wouldn't this sound sweet on vinyl?

  R G L S F R by regalsafari

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