Thursday, July 21, 2011

AyGeeTee - "C'mon Baby/Secret Meeting Place" (Time Wharp Remix)

Been a fan of Time Wharp ever since I heard "1992" on Don't Die Wondering way back in August of last year.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't kept up as closely as I should have, though.  I only started following on SoundCloud yesterday (blush).  And yet, it was perfect timing because I got to see his remix of AyGeeTee pop up in my list of incoming tracks.  Time Wharp's remix sounds something like Black Dice and Four Tet playing vintage video games in a room full of rhythmically-inclined electronic staplers, tap-happy typewriters and sputtering diesel engines.  I think they're watching porn, too.  Both artists have releases out now on AMDISCS: AyGeeTee's Soul LP and Time Wharp's Later LP.

  AyGeeTee - C'mon Baby/Secret Meeting Place (Time Wharp rmx) by Time Wharp

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