Monday, July 4, 2011

Lovelock - "South Beach Sunrise"

One click on this new Lovelock track and a month's worth of school- and work-imposed blog slump comes to a end (sorry about that, by the way).  In "South Beach Sunrise," electronic artist Steve Moore crafts a breezy slow jam that doubtless lives up to its name.  Could easily soundtrack a Corona drinker's sips from a bottle of chilly brew as he or she skips a cell phone across sun-swept waters.  Reminds me of that elusive "endless summer" day.  Artist note says "Coming soon I hope."  Seconded. 

  Lovelock - South Beach Sunrise by steve moore

Also, I've had Moore's solo spin "Frigia" on blast for quite a while now.  Heard it on 20jazzfunkgreats.  Buy it at Discogs or from Rush Hour.

MP3: Steve Moore - Frigia

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