Monday, July 18, 2011

ALAK - "My Love is the Best" (Patten Remix)

I've followed ALAK and more so Patten for quite a while now. Both had albums on Kaleidoscope way back in 2007. A great friend and excellent musician I know saw ALAK (then Alas, Alak, Alaska!) around the same time and said it was one of the most amazing musical experiences he'd ever had. Anyway, to bring it all together, ALAK has now been remixed by Patten, who has more recently taken a turn away from sun-blistered acoustic exercises and towards electronic beats with both bang and bliss. Here, he puts a four note flutter on endless repeat and supplies a stuttering beat to tie the pretty little package up and send it on its way. Two things come to mind: a hula hoop in perpetual slow motion and/or a sundress fluttering in the summer breeze.  Wondrous.

(via No Pain In Pop, who are putting out a Patten release in the near future)

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