Thursday, November 11, 2010


Screeching squeals of sound buttressed by a bumbling bass line.

Zonotope - Those Days

A robot on a roll-about chirps in transit, as it reads and stores data on its over-stimulating surroundings.

Zonotope - Inserting The Galactic Disc

Download Zonotope™'s Cruising Through The Hypersphere of Resonance at Bandcamp.

Awake, after a hundred-year hibernation in the heavens, holographs of a hazy history and mirages of moments past whiz outside the spaceship's window, hovering long enough to singe the time-worn tips of the spaceman's cerebral synapses, but wilting just as quickly as they blossomed in his bleary brain.

Zonotope - Under That Building

And, one of the most beautiful things I've heard in a long time.

Buy Zonotope™'s Excellent Realms cassette from The Curatorial Club before it sells out. Or buy a digital download here.

If Dan Lopatin and Matthew Dear scored a straight-to-VHS science fiction film, Excellent Realms would be its extraterrestrial soundtrack.

Excellent Realms, indeed. Essential listening.

(via Don't Die Wondering, ALTERED ZONES and Rose Quartz)

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