Thursday, November 18, 2010

RxRy - Ω

Please forgive my RxRy-related redundancy, but the artist has graciously offered his latest album, Ω, for free download at his blog. It readily awaits your consumption.

On first listen, Ω is a life-affirming stream of ambient soundscapes and stuttering beats. Song titles that reference air and rail travel feature aural examinations of the same: these are sounds we can only imagine we'd hear floating weightlessly above the clouds or charging full steam ahead, soaring or spinning metal traveling through space and time.

After one listen, or many, you may not find a "favorite" song or even remember any of the titles. That's because RxRy's music lulls you to dream-like state, where details such as song titles and track lengths aren't important or even perceptible. At a certain level, you are not actively listening to music. The music is actively transforming and transporting you. Let it take you where you want to go.

More words on Ω will likely follow in the near future.

Sample three artist-selected songs from Ω below.  Then get Ω - and the rest of RxRy's excellent discography - here.