Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Here's an interview I wish I'd done: with RxRy, the self-described "drownstep" artist who's equal parts enigma and excellent. But never mind my self-interest: fellow blogger Stadiums and Shrines did a more than stellar job, with a beautifully-written introduction and insightful questions that both compliment and challenge the artist. What's revealed is an artist who's acutely aware of how identity and persona intersect in the age of instant gratification, and how these constructs affect our exposure to and perception of his music. Anonymity, it seems, can propel an artist from relative obscurity to omnipresence almost overnight (see: iamamiwhoami), but RxRy's preference for a "low profile" seems genuine, not gimmicky. Never mind a band biography or detailed demographics. RxRy might say: These are my songs. Or, more simply, these are songsWhat do they mean to you? How do they make you feel?

Head over to Stadiums and Shrines for a great read. The icing on the cake is a gratis download of "Obtvse Boqœt Conc¨ssion," the second single, so to speak, from RxRy's upcoming album Ω.

RxRy - Obtvse-Boqœt-Conc¨ssion by casketcrashvigil

And here's "Aertigo Lapsees," the first single from Ω.

RxRy - Aertgo Lapsees


RxRy - Sobr Vokbulry

RxRy - Eaurowi

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