Thursday, May 5, 2011

MP3: SALEM - "Till The World Ends"

By now, you've probably already heard SALEM's ultra-slow, mega-screwed version of Britney S. Pierce's "Till The World Ends." It's more than made its way across the web. Perhaps you've seen the NSFW video that dwells in a strip club before it shows a military strike in night-vision. Well, just in case, here's the audio alone, a potentially more convenient cut that's perfectly safe for work. As long as your boss is cool with slow jamz and the occasional blood-curdling scream.

MP3: SALEM - Till The World Ends


Anonymous said...

it gooood cooded to IT last noche BUEN'''NOOO

Anonymous said...

nice doooooood hit dat codeeeeiiii'''nayy hjarrrrrrrrdddddd to dissssss sjonnnnnggggg lassssssst niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighthghghhghghghhghtttt AyYYAYa