Wednesday, May 18, 2011

E&E - Various Songs

In addition to having that new Gang Gang Dance record on full blast for the past week, I've had Los Angeles-based producer Elijah Crampton's music as E&E on constant repeat.  It's safe to say I've obsessed over his ambient re-works of popular R&B from artists such as The-Dream, Destiny's Child and INOJ.  Seems like Crampton takes a cappella versions of these songs and adds his own layers of ambient sounds to the mix.  The results are breathtakingly brilliant.  Makes you wonder why the song wasn't produced as such from the beginning.  Take a listen:

MP3: E&E - The Dreem
MP3: E&E - Destine+e
MP3: E&E - Love U Down

Crampton's original creations are frighteningly good, too.

MP3: E&E - Reina (Tape Cut)
MP3: E&E - Submerging Cathedral

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arze said...

please please please re-up the emotion remix - its crushing.

Ben W. said...

Fixed. Thanks for the heads-up; apologies for the error. Bookmarked your blog and will be following it from now on. Cheers!

arze said...

thanks ben! smooches!