Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Catching up / Gatto Fritto & Julian Lynch

Apologies for the lack of posts as of late, if anyone noticed.  My full-time job has been keeping me busy and the spring cold bug has had me feeling down.  Enough with the excuses, though.  Highest possible recommendations go out to two albums that came out last week - Gatto Fritto's self-titled debut on International Feel and Julian Lynch's Terra on Underwater Peoples.  The former is a dazzlingly good exploration of electronic music past, present and future.  It delves into disco, horror, New Wave, noise, synth and more.  Meanwhile, Julian Lynch has made his best album yet in Terra, a subdued, sublime statement with deeply meaningful experimentation and rich, organic textures.  You can hear two songs from each record below and read more in-depth reviews I wrote over at HEAVE Media.  My Gatto Fritto review is here and my Julian Lynch review is here.  Let me know what you think!  Leave a comment!

MP3 - Gatto Fritto - Hex
MP3 - Gatto Fritto - Beachy Head

MP3 - Julian Lynch - Terra
MP3 - Julian Lynch - Back

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