Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hivern Discs - Hiverned #1

Hiverned #1 is the first entry in a series where current artists from the Hivern Discs roster edit long-lost tracks from the forgotten artists of yesteryear.  On "Party Girl," John Talabot takes a "lost NYC underground classic" and turns up the heat by tweaking the hell out of the vocals.  The result is something akin to Elmo singing Bee Gees karaoke in a disco club even as the streets outside gave birth to hip-hop.  "Wheels," on the other hand, is an agitated night hustle screwed by Marc Piñol.  

300 copies on 10" vinyl with no repress and no digital version.  Info on buying it here.

  HVNED001: Hiverned #1 by Hivern Discs

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